Solution of Insulating Glass with Film Association 

SIGFA was founded at the beginning 2016 in Czech Republic as an association of manufacturers and distributors of specialist insulated glass with suspended films placed within the cavity to replace the central glass pane.

Their main activities:

 1) The creation of new standards identifying specifically the use of suspended film within the cavity of Insulated Glass Units (IGU). To have these new standards included within the broader standards EN 1279 (glazing) and EN 12543 (used for laminated glass). 

2) The development of test criteria for suspended film and to satisfactorily perform under these test conditions 

3) To draw up quality standards that can be applied to the production of the Insulated glass, specifically taking the film into consideration.

4) All new certificates for this solution shall be produced in the name of Association and shared among members for free

5) Promotion of this technology at trade fairs, at conferences and in specialized publications.

6) To encourage the advancement of the technology and the products available to the members

7) Negotiating better purchasing prices of raw materials (film, sealant, butyl, spacer bars...) for all members

Planed activities



             Associations rules (.pdf)                                   Registration (.pdf) 


Products of our members:



Advantages of our products:

  • Low weight
  • Better Ug Values
  • Lower thicknes of glazing
  • Chambers are pressure equalized
  • Ideal for more-chambers IGU
  • Enviromental, saving CO2 by replacing glass with films
  • Saving of costs by manipulating, transport due low weight

Usage areas:

  • Solution of dependance curent existing buildings (glass change, transparent wall insulation)
  • Automotive, Transport (glazing)
  • Historical buildings 
  • All types of windows
  • Glassroofs, skylights, roof-windows
  • Freeze or cooling showcases
  • Glass-facade (w. solarprotection or using solar energy)